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Monday, December 27, 2010

Wear the News Dresses

The Wear the News dresses by Elena Gregusova is an artistic reflection of contemporary environmental issues in multicultural context. About 30 unique newspaper sculptures, which are the base for the future Wear the News World Collection. you would also be interested in funky wedding dresses.

dress made of newspaper

News Dress

Wear the News dress

Blooming Universe

Flower Princess

Grace the Princess of Flowers

Flower Newspaper Dress

Queen of Queens

dress made of news

Silk Newspaper Dress

Wear the News


News sun dress

Isabellas Oceans

Beauty of Cathay

Funky Newspaper dress

Newspaper China Dress

Sound of Mozart

Newspaper dress

Colorful News Dress

Newtons Spectrum

Elena Gregusov

Wear the news by Elena Gregusov

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