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Monday, December 27, 2010

Creative Fun Bookshelves

The Alfredo Häberli Pattern Bookshelf is composed of lacquered aluminum and is available in either traffic white or satin silver. The bookshelf uses a series of irregular pentagons stacked upon each other to create a funky, off-kilter take on the classic bookshelf.

alfredo haberli

Exposed rafters can be a nice touch visually but if you’re living in cramped quarters you know that every bit of usable space has surprising potential. This is definitely a simple solution and easily executed by one that provides great overflow space for anyone who finds it hard to throw old books away.

creative hanging bookshelves

Someone submitted a 60-minute do-it-yourself bookcase design-and-construction process to Instructables worth checking out. Sure, the joinery is pretty low-tech and the material is plywood but for a cheap shelving solution built from a single piece of ply in an hour the result is surprisingly sophisticated.

bend wood bookshelves

This creative bookcase storage units you can tell that designer Vincent Leman has a different take on furniture than most people. These two units are curvy and fun and still manage to do their job as a useful storage space.

stacked decorative cabinet and storage furniture

An interesting ‘Equation Bookshelf’.


If you are looking for something different in the way of bookshelves then “Autum” from Domodinamica may be on your radar. Autum features inspiration from a leaf-less tree where branches have grown in many directions creating a functional storage system for books. Autum was designed by David Sanchez and is constructed of lacquered sheet metal with effects to give a “rust” look.

autum cool bookshelves

This extremely novel shelf uses a row of straps from which your books hang until you’re ready to pick them. Apart from being extremely interesting to look at, the aligned tops of the books can be used as a storage space of their own.


This extremely useful design allows you to roll away portions of a shelf to accommodate any objects too tall to otherwise fit between shelves. Available in the finish of your choice, these shelves could be made to match any decor and would certainly provide a striking way to store your books along with the occasional vase or unruly bottle.


Like a pile of wine glasses or a multi-layered forest, this shelving and seating combination can be extensive as you want it to be thanks to its modular nature. Use just a few pieces for a small shelf or a bedside table (or a bench), or combine hundreds of pieces in the form of your choice to house your entire library.


Another two-dimensional couplet, this metal coffee table conceals a unique hanging book shelf beneath its solid exterior. Like ribs beneath a beautiful carcass, the metal plates on which the books are slung by the bindings also serve as bookmarks.

nar bookcase

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