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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I confess having lots of blogs to post makes me slightly confused. Yesterday I even thought about deleting my tumblr but then I hesitated. Mainly because I would regret doing it. Besides being confused I was feeling exausted by looking at my blog, pictures etc. Everything looked so messy for a second, maybe I am just neurotic or I have complusive neatness disorder depending on the moon's cycle ahaha. I actually like changing my blog template every once and while, I get bored of things easily and I am not quite sure if this is a good thing. Okay now instead of typing this up I should be typing a college work evaluation instead, but I am procrastinating it until I get my cup of tea from the kitchen.

By the way if you have any questions or comments about what you would like to see in my blog I would be happy to know, I have just removed the formspring gadget from the sidebar because of my ' need to see things neat' haha gosh this sounds crazy. Anyway once I get back to my normal state and have some time (as if putting a widget on the sidebar would take forever lol) I will add it back.
a song

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Black and white collection

I do not know why I posted three times today. I guess it is because I want to get rid of some of my pictures. I just get tired of seeing them messed up on the desktop or folders ( this sounds crazy). However I just feel like retouching some pictures now instead of sleeping,though tasting my tepid tea and complaining about my numb feet makes me want to stand up and go to sleep. But I guess I will listen to some songs until my eyes start closing by itself. - Kissz

Point&shoot camera -

These are pictures of what I was wearing on friday, it pretty simple but as I had them on my computer I decided to post them. I'm wearing a thrifted jeans skirt, h&m blazer and jumper. x a song

Thursday, March 24, 2011

When the sun don't shine

Starting yawning but not because I am sleepy, I just saw somebody's yawn and you know it is contagious. I have been so much more happy this week due to the sunshine. I was getting seasonal depression haha. Anyway I should probably get a tea now. x

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So I found these pictures on my old blog and I was thinking about uploading them more often once I've got a lot of pictures from 2009 - So yeah I might do it every now and then, It is also good to look back to what I used to wear.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Typing a title --

Hi! I've been feeling really dissapointed with dressing up and style and fashion. I mean may be due to the lack of inspiration, but also because I never feel fully happy with what I wear. It sucks. Although I love vintage I feel a bit tired of it. I don't know maybe it is just a phase. Maybe is also due to the weather. I really do not know how to explain it but I get tired of my outfits in less than an hour of wearing then. (gosh this is insane). I guess I just get tired of trends and I somehow feel that vintage is so trendy at the moment. Well even though I am bored of it I still like vintage stuff. ¬¬

Monday, March 14, 2011

There are too many birds

Hi! I feel glad to receive and read your comments and I always tell myself to reply every single o them, but I always procrastinate. I will manage to do it someday though. Okay today I went to Hampstead Heath, there is such a nice park there, in which I got lost for a few minutes haha. Anyways here are some of the pictures I took. a song

Ps: For the person who asked about how do I insert the music bar on my posts, all I do is > go to youtube find the music video I want > copy the embed code > paste it in 'edit html' post and just change the width to '329' and height to '29'. Done!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yeah when I am with you I have fun

Photographing photos of the computer screen. lol it' adds a certain tone to them.

Oh well! here I am staring at the computer drinking tea and listening to jazz. I do not wish to sleep, and I actually want another cup of tea, so I keep asking myself should I make it or not. Its weird how I can go from morning to the whole afternoon without eating anything just having cups of coffee and then at night time I feel like eating all the time. This is so not good :/

Monday, March 7, 2011

and the sun always shines down on your shoes could be a blue, blue christmas for you

My favourite place in Camden market. I think it's close to the entrance, on the left side next to the stairs. It's sad how I never purchased anything from there though. a song

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Around my wrist

I made this mini journal to write down college notices. It's really pratical.
Okay now I'm savouring my favourite vanilla wafers from coffee nero. They are so gooood. I might get a tea and watch some film now. By the way I was wondering with you guys could help me with something once I totally considered and value your comments and sugestions. So I have to start working on my portfolio for uni, and I wanted to know if you guys reckon I should take and work on a new serie of photographs or simply use the ones I got. Tell me what you think? :)


Hi there! I only took these pictures today because it was sunny. I am wearing a velvet blazer from camden market, a dress from camden town which I forget the name of the store, and the backpack is actually a customized old handbag from primark. I had this jeans bag in my bag box and I realized that I never wore it, so I thought I could do something with it and then I decided to turn it into a backpack, at least now I wear it to go to college. Besides ripped tights I got chapped lips due to this cold weather.