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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seven little girls sitting in the back seat

What I wore, What I ate! yes this is what I wore, a primark hat, skirt from next and blouse from h&m. I also got some pictures developed today, no big surprise.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

That is pretty much what I am doing today, except there is no sunlight. It's raining outside, thundering too and I gotta say I love that.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There is a fire smoke close to my house I can see it from the back garden, it is the colour of charcoal and now it is everywhere. I took pictures of it with my point and shoot camera. I wonder what may have caused the fire. When I see accidents or fire I always wonder what may have caused it. But I never find out, because I never have the opportunity to ask someone so I forget about it instantly, sometimes I make something up in my mind. I am not really curious, so when there is an accident I never come close to see it. I think I am a bit afraid of seeing someone hurt. I once did though, I saw a man's leg and its exposed fracture. I dreamed about human flesh and blood for two days. Anyway I've been working on my college final major project. I was really excited about it, but I felt disappointed when I got a roll of film developed, the prints came out all blue and I promised myself to never get my film processed there again.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what will we find inside your room, notes in the margins records always spinning

I guess this is going to be my last post, at least for a while. I have to get college work done and I guess I've been blogging a lot. Therefore I decided to make this last post about my room, yeah nothing good, I just have these photos here so I thought I could post them. I might update my tumblr now and then though. xx

a song

I found this nice grey marl jumper on a hidden clothes rack in Primark, for only five pounds, the bag is also from primark. I also bought some film rolls that I will be using soon.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Told me you were goin' out for a soda pop

It seems like I've been going through another uninspired phase. Lack of inspiration to take pictures or to put together an outfit that is not skinny jeans and brogues. I mean that's what I've been wearing everyday, then I realized how I skimp on shoes. It's sad because they totaly make an outfit. I've been crazy about dr.martens though and I will hopefully get a new pair of shoes soon. I just dont know if I should get them online or take a look at camden market. I need to find them in a cheaper price ha! But back to inspiration, Coca Cola's adverts are all around the town and for some reason they inspired me, and I also realized that cola in a can or in plastic bottles doesnt taste as good as it does in glass bottles, or maybe its just a psychologic thing hah. Anyway my day was normal, or should I say boring, I dont know. I watched Flipped for the fourth time along with my sister, drank pop and did college work. lol ( It looks like I typed a lot today, I am sorry that sometimes I don't write anything at all on my posts, its that sometimes I just don't feel like it, you know) :/

Ps: I am wearing a thrifted jeans skirt, shoes and hat from primark and top from topshop and shades from h&m. a song

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Friday, May 13, 2011

lover, please do not fall to your knees, it's not like I believe in everlasting love

Hi lovely bloggers. So I decided to sell some of my clothes, although this was a tough decision for me regardless how shabby and cheap some of them are I will probably miss them all, not now but surely later, when I get bored of new clothes haha, anyway I need some space in my wardrobe. I just wanted to ask do you think I should do it through ebay, or use my blog instead. By the way I have no much idea how these things work I gotta do a bit of research but ofc, if any of you sell things via internet could explain me a bit of how it works from setting up the price to packing. Would be very helpfull.