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Friday, December 28, 2012

Sketchbook I

I have been quite lazy to take pictures and I guess I am no longer blogging as I used to. I guess life is all about phases. Someday I will be gone and I think that is the way life works anyway. Like when I was younger and used to be crazy about reading magazines. The 'blogging motivation' is vanishing day by day. Oh and I am also damn sick of these spams I have been receiving in the comments. I would say get a life but i am betting they earn some money with that..miserable. By the way if you happen to know where to buy a little bit of enthusiasm this winter let me know , but please don't pour tooo much positivism. xx

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today I woke up thinking the world was ending ha. But it was just the noise of rain against the window pane. It was really heavy and windy. So I decided to stay home. Well it is my day off anyway but, going out when it's windy is simply a nightmare for me. The wind can be a very annoying thing. And days like this are so propitious to stay in and do the typical activities. Yes :) watch films, eat and read. Lately when I was feeling down and nothing would make me happy I found two things that actually makes me happy - eating and feeling warm. ohhh and the smell of paint.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halle Berry Short hairstyles

Ready for a bold new haircut? Short hairstyles make a real statement, so try one of these short haircuts we love. If you like super short cuts with a bit of edge, then Halle Berry has rocked a number of hairstyles over the years, but it's her signature pixie cut that has become iconic. Pixie cuts and short crops are the hairstyle of choice for celebrities.
halle berry short hairstyleshalle berry short hairstyleshalle berry short hairstyles
Definitely I adore Halle Berry with short hair and I'm thrilled she's returned to the style that made her famous. I love halle berry short haircut. I know everyone is wearing short haircuts or shaved heads right now for the new trend, but Halle Berry wears her short hairstyle spiked up and Halle berry hairstyles are widely copied by the women and they are very beautiful. Halle's hair is almost as Oscar-worthy as her acting, and it's easy to look just as good even if your name isn't Halle Berry.
halle berry short hairstyleshalle berry short hairstyleshalle berry short hairstyles