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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I confess having lots of blogs to post makes me slightly confused. Yesterday I even thought about deleting my tumblr but then I hesitated. Mainly because I would regret doing it. Besides being confused I was feeling exausted by looking at my blog, pictures etc. Everything looked so messy for a second, maybe I am just neurotic or I have complusive neatness disorder depending on the moon's cycle ahaha. I actually like changing my blog template every once and while, I get bored of things easily and I am not quite sure if this is a good thing. Okay now instead of typing this up I should be typing a college work evaluation instead, but I am procrastinating it until I get my cup of tea from the kitchen.

By the way if you have any questions or comments about what you would like to see in my blog I would be happy to know, I have just removed the formspring gadget from the sidebar because of my ' need to see things neat' haha gosh this sounds crazy. Anyway once I get back to my normal state and have some time (as if putting a widget on the sidebar would take forever lol) I will add it back.

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