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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fancy Paper Head Accessories at Chanel Couture

Chanel’s 2009 spring summer couture collection was inspired by white paper.As for the accessories, everything, from caps, to hair ornaments will be made totally out of paper. For the Chanel Couture Spring 2009 show, veteran hair guru Katsuya Kamo magically transformed 2 packs of plain white 11×17 copier paper into elaborate head pieces. Inspired by white porcelain figures from the opulent 18th century, the Japanese hairdresser and his small team worked out of a backroom at Chanel for three weeks, scoring and cutting out the more than 65 different headdresses that graced the runway.

chanel hat

chanel hat 2009


chanel accessory

paper accessory

chanel paper accessories

chanel 09

paper head accessory

chanel 2009

chanelchanel hair accessory

chanel hats

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