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Thursday, December 23, 2010

2009 Funky Hairstyle Accessories – The Headbands

You have seen them around and this year they are just as hot, headbands are the perfect hairstyle accessory. With so many different headband styles there is one for every occasion!

Everyday Hairstyles & Headband:

Casual enough for everyday wear these headbands are great for bad hair days or those lazy days when you don’t feel like styling your hair.

france luxe headband

where jessica headband

Office Headband:

A little dressed up, these headbands are great for the office and cute enough to wear out for a drink or two after work hours.

tasha circle headbandtasha geometric headband

Date Headbands:

Add a little glamor to your hairstyle for a look that gets attention. These headbands are perfect for dressing up that little black dress!

sequined headband 149470091 01

Wedding headbands:

Bridal headbands and Wedding headbands are the hottest hair accessory this wedding season. Forget about the shoe of the moment or a must-have bag; the latest accessory is worn in your hair.

bride cerise clct 234 prod lg

Fun & Cool Headbands:


headband1 300x196

Baby Headbands:

Baby headbands make baby girls look more feminine and smart. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and fabrics. Some headbands protect from cold weather by covering the ears, these are usually heavier, and broader fabrics.

a pinkrosehatspring hottie zebra headband

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