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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mother's day. It was on Sunday and fortunately it was a beautiful sunny sunday morning. My sister and I gotta up a bit early and made breakfast for my mother then we gave her the presents we bought her the day before. Although I have been a bit dissappointed with my mother lately, I do love her of course. I am here in this world because of her. Don't really know if that was good thing she did. However I am glad to be here despite not being very glad sometimes. Sometimes I think though, about this thing humans do. Having babies! What is it for? the urge to offspring? the fear of being alone in the future? irresponsibility,stupidity, mistake.. oh hah yeah some people are a mistake. Sometimes I think that if people would stop having babies then as the time would pass and people would die the world would have to come to an end, maybe something would happen, but maybe, if only.. oh we dont know anything. I guess these thoughts leads nowhere. Whatever, after a nice sunny morning I spent the evening watching The Devil Inside and I laughed in the cinema when the movie ended, I think the end sucks. I'll tell you,everybody dies in the end,or maybe there'll be devil inside two. Oh no

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