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Monday, March 26, 2012

Around London

It is funny how everyday I accidentally meet a stranger's eyes for very short seconds, and both of us stare at each other for a second and I never remember any of these people I made eye contact with. It is very unimportant but I like thinking of it and I wonder what the person was thinking while looking me in the eyes, a strangers eyes, its something I will never know, its someone I will never see again, even if I do I wouldn't recall. But these things happen and I ask myself why the hell do you analyse such banality, Stefany?. Anyway enough of useless thoughts, I am quite glad days are getting hotter and sun shines everyday and there are parks I can lay on green grass and just pretend life is easy. I must get a myself a bicycle, yes I would love to ride a bicycle during the whole summer.

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