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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hi, I'm a bit glad to know some of you share the same thoughts. So, it is Christmas and it's happy time, right. Therefore I will fake positivism, ha no, actually I'm cool today. I had a quite normal day, a day that I probably won't remember later on. But it wasn't so bad. And tomorrow is Friday, and weekend means ' GREATNESS'. Except for Sundays, Sundays are depressing and boring. Oh by the way, someone asked me how I keep my skin looking good, so the last picture is a proof of how bad it is, three spots. It is not a recent picture though. I should drink more water, but I forget to do so, mainly because I don't feel thirsty which is weird. Also these pictures aren't recent I just had them here. I've got to get a roll of film developed soon. But I also have some digital pictures I took these past weeks.

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