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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hi readers, I want to thank you each of you for wishing me recovery. Fortunately I feel a lot better. But during these days in bed, inspiration has seeped through me. Once I spent a lot of time doing nothing but rest. I have the urge to get things back on track. I feel like taking pictures, going out. I went out today just to get something from tesco express but it was closed, every shop was closed due to what has been going on in London. Can you imagine if we starve because of criminals? It is really drastic, seeing people lootering stores and acting literally like animals. I confess I felt a bit scared to walk in the streets today and I admit that even though I cannot generalize, but seeing anyone wearing hoodies puts me into alert. Anyway, tomorrow I'm out, so I can finaly feel how is good to walk and go back to my normal daily activities.

Oh btw I've got one question for you all, is the categories list on the sidebar any helpful or useful? I was thinking of deleting it.

Okay bye, now I'm gonna drink coffee and watch Prom.

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