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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A few seconds ago I had a lot of thoughts going on inside my head about what I could write in this post, but I guess blogspot 'post' field has an extreme power of making me blank. It is like when I have dreams and while I am dreaming I keep thinking to myself that I should remember that dream. But when I wake up I instantly forget it. But there is something more annoying than that, which is something that happened to me today (actually just now). I've spread strawberry jam on a loaf slice and grabed my cup of tea. When I was going happily upstairs I dropped the strawberry jam spread sandwich and guess which side faced the floor , yes the 'jam one'.Of course it is not the first time this have happened in my life, and everytime I dropped it was always the side that you dont want it to be, first because you can eat it anymore. Second because you gonna have to clean the floor. Anyway I got over it. Oh by the way I want to share something with you guys. I have stiff neck today, so when people call me I have to turn my whole body to face them, it's funny in a way. Anyway, I need to find a formal dress for a wedding, so I have a question for you and I would be glad if you help me out. What would you wear for a wedding party? xx

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