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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I had a really bad day this week, it was the awful strangely called 'Wednesday' so I wrote something on my mobile notes while I was in hell I mean on the bus. reading it now sounds kinda funny.

I hate today.
I have the fact that I lost my oyster card, I hate having to pay for a single journey ticket, I hate standing in this crowded bus, I hate people saying 'excuse me' to come trough when there's no even space to breathe, I hate people voices, I hate slow people, I hate PMS and being angry and emotive at the same time, I hate this weather, I hate my coat, I hate listening to the bus recorded voice saying ' Please move down inside the bus' I hate people staring at me, I hate myself today.

Today'song: What Katie Did - The Libertines

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