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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my eyes are so bleary i guess i'm young but i feel so weary

I can't sleep, I can't drink coffee.. I am not sure if I have class tomorrow, I guess so. I miss my best friend, it's like even though you make new friends they will never replace the other.. to be honest none of them are like me,well they shouldn't be ofc but I mean in terms of thoughts and likes or dislikes... it's pretty hard to find someone that has plenty things in common like soul mates, it's funny but sometimes I wonder if I have a soul mate and where would this person be, what if this person is from China, Canada, Iceland or somewhere far away from here. it'd be cool, there should be a movie about something like that. But now seriously, can you guys recommend some cool blogs I wanted to see something new.. it can be yours just send the link.

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