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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Dear blog readers, I feel awake and it's 02:05 I made myself a cup of latte and I was thinking about asking you guys a question.. and I really want to know your answers, I was thinking the other day how my style changes, I found out that I am always divided between hmm lets see how can I define ok .. the 60's vintage retro ,floral dresses, old stuff and different hats) or modern rock chic, ripped jeans , bands t-shirts, high heels and lots of rings..I am wearing more the 'vintage' right now but I never know when I will change to ' rock chic or whatever' so you tell me which style do you like best? Girls that wear floral patterned dresses, oxfords, sailor hats and cloth bags, listening to old songs
such as the beach boys.. or girls wearing maxi dresses, t-shirts with leggins, skull
rings, messy hair... listening to Phoenix.( I dont know why I link music with style haha). I hope you get what I mean.

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